2 Reasons NOT to Get a Synthetic Lawn in Virginia

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, March 14, 2013

synthetic lawn

The convenience of a synthetic lawn for your Virginia home may sound ideal, but read this before you make the change.

You may live in a Virginia neighborhood where some neighbors have you thinking about getting a synthetic lawn. Theoretically, it makes a little sense - a synthetic lawn could look as good a natural one and would probably cost significantly less to install at your home. Plus, you’d never have to mow it. But despite these advantages, you should not go out and get a synthetic lawn.

There are two primary reasons getting a synthetic lawn in Virginia is not a good idea:

1. Your synthetic lawn is biologically dead. Do not expect it to contribute to cleaner air in your environment. Plants produce oxygen at night and this helps to clear pollution in the air surrounding your home. Only natural grass can help keep your air clean.

2. Your synthetic lawn will be uncomfortable. Synthetic lawns, obviously, are made from manmade materials – most notably various forms of plastic. This will not feel good under your feet, it will trap heat, and will be more susceptible to fire from sparks or a neighbor’s cigarette than a natural lawn would be.

In some areas of the country, a synthetic lawn is a great idea – mostly where water is in short supply. But seasonal dry spells aside, Virginia hosts all the environmental requirements for a lush, healthy, natural, and real lawn – and there really is no substitute.

If you were thinking of a synthetic lawn in Virginia because your yard has gotten out of control, get advice from a pro before you take any drastic action. Visit http://www.modernturf.com/contact-us and Modern Turf can help you find a solution for your lawn you’ll love.