2 Varieties of Putting Green Grass that Work in Virginia

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, March 28, 2013

virginia putting greens

Putting green grass in Virginia – the challenge is on for finding the best.

The right putting green grass for a Virginia golf course is one that can cope with the climate, sunlight and high usage from avid golfers. Golf course superintendents know the process of making the course the best it can be begins with grass selection. You might go through all the correct preparation and maintenance but if your choice of putting grass is wrong, then your greens will always be troubled. Here are two types of putting green grass that work well in Virginia – and two that work well for other parts of a course, or for home or commercial use.

Bentgrass is able to cope with the cold winters of Virginia and that is why it is a favorite for many courses. This grass variety has a fine texture quality that not only makes it lovely to touch, but also gives it a compact beautiful look as a lawn. To succeed with bentgrass, you need to fertilize it in the early stages of putting grass preparation. Always keep an eye on the grass as you water, mow and do pest control. It requires a lot of attention especially in the hot months of summer.

Bermuda grass
Bermuda grass variety tolerates most climates and works well in Virginia. You can combine it with bent grass or use it on its own for putting greens. You will need sod or sprigs to propagate the grass. Its low maintenance requirements is one of the reasons why it makes economic sense for municipal courses or driving ranges. It also works very well for residential and commercial landscaping. The MiniVerde ultradwarf bermudagrass is fast becoming a golf course favorite because of its unique qualities.

Rye grass
Rye grass is perennial and grows well in cool climates. It has medium type texture that makes it cool for both greens and roughs. You can combine it with other grass or set it on its own. Not a bad choice for the rough, and many homeowners love the look and feel of rye grass in their yard.

St. Augustine grass
Because of the hot humid summers of Virginia, St. Augustine grass comes out as a viable choice for roughs, but is too rough for a putting green. It needs moderate care and its texture is coarse. Some say this grass is indestructible, which makes it a good choice for homes and businesses.

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