3 Reasons Professional Landscapers Love Sod Landscaping

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, September 24, 2012

sod landscaping

Sod landscaping is great for homeowners looking for instant gratification from their lawn.

Sod has become the top choice of many homeowners and landscaping professionals. In fact, professional landscapers love working with sod landscaping for a variety of reasons.

Here are top three reasons they love sod landscaping.

1. Sod creates an instant lawn: Even though it isn’t immediately established, sod landscaping gives the impression of a new lawn. Seeds and plugs can take all season, sometimes even two seasons, to become well established and give the appearance of a lush and healthy lawn. For the homeowner looking for immediate results, sod is the perfect solution.

2. Sod offers solutions for trouble spots: Sod is the perfect solution to fix trouble spots in the landscaping. Every lawn has certain areas that become diseased or damaged. Sod works great for replacing small areas of trouble spots so the whole lawn is healthy and green.

3. Lower Maintenance: There isn’t as much maintenance involved for establishing sod as compared to seeding or sprigs. Sod is much easier and quicker to establish. Seeds and sprigs take more work and time to establish.

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