3 Ways a Landscaper Can Spot a Good Sod Farm

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, July 15, 2013

Looking for a good sod farm? Landscapers know where to go to find the best quality sod at the best prices.

3 Ways a Landscaper Can Spot a Good Sod Farm
Here are 3 ways that a landscaper can spot a good sod farm:

1. They look for a local company that grows their own sod. This is important because the fresher the sod is when you buy it easier it roots onto your soil. If it has not been shocked by sitting for long periods of time, it will take right off and make a beautiful lawn faster.

2. Landscapers look for a professional crew that can answer advanced questions, but take the time to answer the basic questions of customers, too. Knowledge is power, and the power to grow the most beautiful lawn comes from the knowledge of the sod farm who offers you advice.

3. A good sod farm offers a complete line of services and products that support your project from start to finish. If you want to put in sod, then you need all the tools, products, and the best support at reasonable prices.

Landscapers know how much work it takes to install a sod lawn. They look for companies that they can rely on to have everything that they need, when they need it, and that includes advice.

For the home DIY type, these qualities are invaluable. If you find a good farm to work with you and help you by providing quality advice along with all of the tools and resources that you need, your project will come out looking like a professional green.

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