3 Ways to Guide Your Customers In Lawn Grass Selection

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Help your customers choose the right lawn grass for their lifestyle.

3 Ways to Guide Your Customers In Lawn Grass Selection

Dozens of factors go into making a lawn flourish. Customers look to lawn experts for guidance throughout this process, and the most important step is pointing homeowners in the right direction – namely, what kind of grass to choose and how to plant it. You can be a valuable resource by staying updated in your industry.

1. Seasonal Savvy. Make sure customers understand that growing a new lawn will be more difficult at certain times of the year. Cool-season grass and warm-season grass are horses of a different color. Stay abreast of local developments in your area, so you can provide specific insight about weather factors such as drought or humidity that will affect the grass health.

2. Soil Prep. Many people don’t understand the importance of soil preparation. Anyone in the market for a new lawn should be counseled about the best way to enrich the ground with nutrients.

3. Maintenance Timetables. Getting grass seeds or sod to take root is just the first part of creating an ideal lawn. Determine how much time each customer has to invest in caring for a lawn, and make a decision for ideal grass based on that maintenance balance. Some grass requires less attention than others.

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