3 Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, December 13, 2012

winter lawn maintenance tips

Lawn maintenance tips to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months.

Lawn maintenance carried out during the winter months will help ensure your lawn is green and healthy come spring time. Lawn care is a full time job, the more you put in to it the better your results will be. To accomplish a lush lawn, proper maintenance is required all year long.

Here are three winter lawn maintenance tips:

1. Keep your yard clear of debris. Remove yard debris, like limbs, leaves, large rocks, lawn equipment, and children’s toys before snow fall. These items left on your lawn can smother your turf and allow disease to develop.

2. Dethatch and aerate. Before the first freeze, dethatch and aerate the lawn. Weeds and lawn pests are drawn to thatch, so do your best to remove as much as possible.

3. Reduce lawn traffic. When the grass has browned, you should reduce the amount of traffic on your lawn. Repeated traffic on brown grass can cause damage. Never allow anyone to park a vehicle on your lawn, especially during the winter months.

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