4 Lawn Maintenance Tips for after Winter Storms

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, December 31, 2012

Lawn maintenance – How to prevent damage to your lawn after winter storms.

Winter storms can leave a path of destruction. Not only do you have to worry about damage to your home, but damage to your landscaping as well.

Here are four lawn maintenance tips for cleaning up after a winter storm.

• Remove fallen debris: As soon as possible, clear away any debris left by the storm. Remove fallen tree branches, leaves, and any other debris that has blown into your yard. Items left on the lawn will smother the turf, and leave it susceptible to disease.

• Ensure proper drainage: Standing water can do great harm to your lawn. To prevent damage, you need to make sure there is proper drainage. As snow melts, the water needs to be able to drain off.

• Trim damaged branches: If there are damaged branches in your trees, as soon as it’s safe, trim them back.

• Shovel sidewalks: Of course shoveling your sidewalks is common sense, but it’s important to mention so you’ll encourage guests to use the walkway, and not the grass. Dormant grass can withstand light foot traffic, but not the stress of heavy traffic.

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