5 Ways Planting Sod Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, July 29, 2013

Who knew planting sod could make your home more valuable? We did!

5 Ways Planting Sod Will Improve Your Curb Appeal
Nothing screams tired like a dead or dying lawn, especially if you want to sell your property. Planting sod is a quick fix that can have lasting value to your real estate.

Sod gives your home a well-cared for look. A well cared for lawn is a sign of pride, and that has a lasting impression for buyers. If you care enough about your lawn, then you care enough about your home to keep repaired.

A beautiful green sod lawn ties all of the other small fixes together. New paint and a dead lawn don't mix well in the eyes of buyers, but a nice green lawn and fresh paint say a lot about a property.

Planting sod can make your house stand out from the crowd, especially if your neighbors’ lawns are not green.

It is not secret that quality landscaping adds to curb appeal. Planting sod makes the rest of the yard that much easier to improve.

Using sod for your lawn allows you to install fun things like your own putting green. That is a feature that many people would pay to have!

Working with a quality landscape can help you avoid many of the mistakes of putting in sod. First, it is labor intensive, and second there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to the type of grass/sod that will be laid down. The process of laying sod is also a good time to update your sprinkler system, and that is certainly something a quality lawn service can do for you.

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