A Basic Guide to Field Turf Cost

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, July 08, 2013

If you’re responsible for providing excellent field turf, here’s some valuable information you need to know.

A Basic Guide to Field Turf Cost
Field turf is either natural or synthetic. Costs associated with field turf include preparation, installation and maintenance, and these are all dependent upon many factors, such as the size of your field, geographic location, and even irrigation. Even artificial turf requires irrigation.

Annual maintenance costs, according to certified sports turf manager at Michigan State University, for artificial turn runs between $13K-$39K. The same data source listed maintenance costs for natural grass field turf to be between $8K-$48K.

Artificial turf requires a lot of maintenance. They require irrigation because they absorb heat and can become so hot that play would need to be suspended. Irrigation is used to cool the playing field. They require chemical disinfectants or they become a bio-hazard. Because they are synthetic, they attract electricity such as static cling, which must be combated using chemical sprays. They also require a drainage system and maintenance of that system. One would not think, but artificial turf also requires that organic material be removed before it clogs the drainage systems, impedes the playing surface, or becomes a bio-hazard.

Natural sports turf requires maintenance too. It requires irrigation to help it grow. It requires cutting and reseeding/overseeding. If properly installed, it does not require a drainage system. It is also prone to problems because of weather.

Even though many schools and facilities are considering replacing natural playing surfaces with artificial turf, the cost and maintenance of artificial turf may actually be more expensive than the field turf cost associated with natural grass. One last consideration is that artificial turf must be replaced every 8-10 years depending on maintenance and paying time.

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