A Guide to Fall Lawn Maintenance

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, November 01, 2012

fall lawn maintenance

Lawn maintenance during the fall will ensure your lawn thrives in spring.

Fall lawn maintenance is an important part in maintaining a healthy lawn. Preparing your lawn for the harsh winter months is important to ensure it will survive the cold winter months and have a healthy start in the spring.

Begin your fall lawn maintenance by giving it one final mowing when the grass has stopped growing. Rake up the clippings, and remove any thatch that has accumulated.

If dry conditions continue into the fall, water the lawn once or twice a week in the early morning hours.

Fertilize your lawn with a winterizing fertilizer if you live in the north. Winterizing fertilizer is high in potassium, and will help strengthen the root system. Use a rotary spreader to be sure the fertilizer is evenly spread. Fertilizing in the fall will help your lawn green up quicker, and give it a head start in the spring.

Apply a pre-emergent to rid your lawn of unwanted weeds. It’s important to fill in bare spots in your lawn with new sod, or reseeding. This will help decrease the growth of weeds.

Once you are finished watering for the season, drain the irrigation system to prevent damage from freezing.

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