A Landscaper's Guide to Sod Farms

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sod farms can provide impeccable landscaping materials and many sod farm experts have insight into proper maintenance scheduling.

A Landscaper's Guide to Sod Farms

Anyone with interest in landscaping should take the time to learn from the professionals. These sod farmers grow beautiful and healthy grass for a living, so chances are they know a thing or two about landscaping.

1. Landscaping with sod farms will require infrequent but heavy watering sessions. Letting the lawn dry out completely is extremely important in between.

2. Timing is everything! Especially with a fertilizing schedule, getting the timing right can be the most important aspect of landscaping sod successfully. It’s best to hold off on applying fertilizer until the grass is really growing in the spring season. Since some people are only willing to invest in one fertilizing session per year, this is a great piece of info for efficient landscaping.

3. Cool season and warm season sod varieties will respond differently to seasonal care. When the temperature starts to change, warm season grasses will be most responsive to fertilizer after the first week of 60+ night temperatures. Both types of grass respond well to being fertilized before the first hard freeze of the season.

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