A Look at Three Types of Landscaping Sod

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, February 11, 2013

Modern Turf

Landscaping sod comes in a wide variety, so it helps to be familiar with some.

Landscaping sod is something that can be used to instantly enhance the looks and value of any lawn. However, there are different types of landscaping sod and by knowing what some of the types are, you will be better able to choose the type that might be right for you.

Here’s a look at three of the most popular types:

Bermuda - Bermuda landscaping sod gives a deep green turf and handles foot-traffic well. This type of sod does best with full sun and does not handle shade well.

St. Augustine -
St. Augustine grows in sun, but has a good shade tolerance as well. Rich and lush, it is best in full sun.

Bahia - Bahia is a warm season landscaping sod. It is a hardy grass that is resistant to drought and insects. It can survive in a variety of different soils and is often seen on long stretches along the highways.

Of course, there are many other types of landscaping sods that you can choose from and depending on where you are located, these sods may or may not be the best solution for your sod needs. The best thing to do whenever considering landscaping sod of any kind is to speak with an expert on the subject and find out all the pros and cons that come with each type of landscaping sod you may be considering.

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