Commercial Lawn Maintenance for Your Golf Turf

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, July 05, 2012

commerical golf turg

Commercial lawn maintenance provides many advantages for a healthy golf turf.

Maintaining golf turf takes a lot of daily work to keep your golf course in excellent playing condition. The key to maintaining the beauty and health of your golf turf is providing optimum growing conditions.

Here are some great tips to help you keep your course in mint condition.

• Select quality turf: Your first step should be to select quality golf turf and have it installed properly. The Ultradwarf MiniVerde is one of the highest quality turf grasses available today.
• Trim back shade trees: Turf needs lots of sunlight to thrive, so keeping the areas clear of shade trees is vital. Make sure you are regularly trimming the trees close to the course to allow the perfect amount of sunlight through.
• Air flow: Again, keep trees trimmed to allow air flow across the greens. Keep large shrubs and bushes trimmed as well to allow for proper air flow.
• Irrigation: Make sure your turf is properly irrigated. The turf needs water to stay healthy and green.
• Drainage: A build-up of water can damage the turf. Make sure there is proper drainage on the greens.

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