Company in SC Announces new Modern Turf Lawn Service

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Modern Turf Landscaping Company in Rembert, S.C., announces a new Modern Turf lawn service called the Turf Care Division. The Turf Care team includes trained and licensed turfgrass professionals, offering high quality turf to homeowners and also the products and services necessary to create well-maintained grass as found on golf clubs, sports fields and in landscape markets.


Modern Turf is leveraging its purchasing power for sod production to offer products and services at lower prices through the Turf Care Division. Among the services available to homeowners and business owners are sodding, thatch removal, turf management, aerification and irrigation management.

With a combined 50 years of turfgrass management experience, Modern Turf”s team specializes in growing and installing a complete variety of high quality turfgrass requiring less water, fertilizer and pesticides. The company also guarantees nematode-free turf, which means it is a fine quality grass that can withstand excessive heat and the typical wear and tear.

Modern Turf’s new lawn service division brings installation and maintenance expertise from the golf courses and professional sports fields to homes and businesses. They are dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly lawn service, protecting lawns from unnecessary chemicals. According to Hank Kerfoot, founder of Modern Turf, with the right lawn service, there is less need for chemicals to be used.

“The Modern Turf lawn service through our new Turf Care Division is a natural extension of our business of growing grass for the sod operation,” explained Kerfoot. “Our team of expert landscapers includes four staff members with turf degrees, so we are confident we have the knowledge and experience to develop and maintain an exceptional lawn at a price that is often lower than customers can do for themselves.”

If interested in learning more about Modern Turf lawn service or to obtain a free consultation from Modern Turf’s landscaping professionals, contact Kerfoot at 803-713-8873.


About Modern Turf

Founder Kerfoot and Vice President B.J. Haunert possess a combined 50 years of turfgrass management experience in areas including the United States, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Their goal is to make turf managers and golf course superintendents' jobs easier. To learn more about Modern Turf visit or contact Hank Kerfoot at 803-713-8873.