Empire Turf is the Top Choice for Greens as well as Residential and Commercial Lawns

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Low-maintenance and attractive year-round, Empire turf is one of the top choices for landscapers and golf course superintendents.

Originally developed in Brazil, Empire turf is a popular choice for residential and commercial lawns as well as golf courses. The versatile Zoysia grass thrives in harsh tropical climates and also performs well in cold temperatures, a combination of features uncommon to other Zoysia grasses.

With a unique texture and dark green hue, Empire turf is as beautiful as it is functional and provides an eye-catching contrast to other grasses. It effectively highlights key features of the golf course, such as bunker faces, mounding and roughs. For home or business landscaping needs, this type of Zoysia grass provides that all-desired curb appeal and durability that far surpasses other common grass choices.

During the winter months, when grasses tend to look dead and withered, Empire turf retains its beauty, turning a nice golden brown shade. The year-round good looks of the grass make it a great choice for homeowners, business owners or golf course superintendents who want their grass to look well-manicured in every season.

Empire Turf: Versatile Grass at Any Height

Each person has an idea of what length grass looks best, and Empire turf grass is quite flexible and thrives at very low and very high mowing heights. Whether you prefer a lush and flowing look or a tight, trimmed appearance, Empire turf fits the bill.
Even when the weather is dry, this grass continues to flourish. It has surprising resiliency in drought conditions. Furthermore, Empire turf’s fine yet dense growth structure works to prevent unwanted weeds and diseases that can sabotage growth.

Low-Maintenance Empire Turf Saves Time
Whether you own your home or business or are maintaining a golf course, your time is precious. Part of the beauty of Empire turf is the fact that it can thrive without a lot of extensive maintenance.

One of the most important steps to planting healthy Empire turf is to take the right steps in prepping the ground before installation. Once the ground is ready, the sod should be placed right away to avoid drying out the roots.

Simply watering daily for the first week is all that is required. Mowing can begin after the sod is rooted completely and then only using a very sharp blade. While the grass length is flexible, experts say ideal height is between .75 in. and two inches tall.


Expert Opinion: Empire Turf is the Best

When you are doing something as long-term as sodding a residential lawn, business lawn or golf course, you want to be certain you are making your best choice for turf grass. Your best course of action is to ask around to find out what people are using.

Notice a lawn in the neighborhood that catches your eye? Ask your neighbors what they are using. Admire a particular golf course greens? Conduct an investigation to learn what the superintendent is doing to keep it looking great.

Chances are, in most cases of excellent turf, you will discover that they are using Empire turf. Zoysia has proven to be the most durable, reliable choice for lawns and greens and, according to the experts, Empire turf is the top brand of Zoysia grass.

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