Ever Wonder How Golf Course Superintendents Care for a Golf Putting Green?

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 18, 2013

putting green care

Most homeowners could take a lesson from the care and nurture of golf putting greens.

Do you ever wonder how golf course superintendents care for a golf putting green? Well, here is the secret - the first thing they do is to make sure that the turf has all of the conditions necessary for growth, including sunlight, proper air movement, irrigation and drainage.

A major task involved in golf-course management is monitoring the growth of trees over the years to make sure that they don't block sunlight and air-movement. Maintenance of a golf putting green also calls for a good drainage system whether it is through subsurface pipes or good surface movement. The greens are often cut at least six times per week. Of course, this frequency varies depending on the climate and other factors that impact turf growth rate. Golf course superintendents know the rule of thumb - never cut the turf down by more than a third of its height.

There are other practices you might borrow from the superintendents of our area’s most beautiful golf courses. A short list includes core aeration, topdressing and rolling. The purpose of core aeration is to deal with thatch whereas topdressing creates a firm surface while rolling the turf makes the surface smooth.

Of course, you don’t have to be a golf course superintendent to grow links-worthy grass. Modern Turf’s turf experts have advised on and provided turf for some of the nation’s most prestigious golf courses, sports facilities, public spaces, and we can help you with your lawn, too. Just give us a call at (803) 691-9890.