Field Turf - 3 tips for healthy turf

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, August 13, 2012

field turf

How to properly maintain field turf for your sports facility.

A sport facility’s field turf needs, not only look great, but it needs to provide a great playing field for the athletes. Here are three tips to help, properly maintain your turf.

• Replace damaged, and worn out turf: Field turf at sports facilities and parks is subjected to continuous abuse. Damage to the turf can sometimes be extensive and without proper care, the turf will be unable to recover from the excessive wear and tear. To maintain healthy turf, it may be necessary to replace damaged sod.

• Irrigation: Your sports facility’s turf needs regular irrigation to maintain its health. Installing an automatic sprinkler system is necessary to provide the right irrigation needed for its survival. Watering field turf should be done regularly; deep, long soaking is the best practice.

• Fertilization: Fertilizing the turf is necessary to provide the nutrients the turf needs to thrive. The grass should be fertilized at least four times a year to maintain good health. Check with an expert for the right type of fertilizer for your particular turf.

Maintaining field turf is a full time commitment, and the best way to provide the players with an excellent playing surface is by choosing the right sod.

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