Fore! Four Golf Grass Gaffes Your Golf Course Superintendent Wishes You'd Never Do Again

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, May 16, 2013

Never again send the course superintendent home with a headache because of what you did to his golf grass!

four golf gaffes your gold course superintendent wishes youd never do again

There are some superior golf grass courses in our area of the country. Many are plush, green and perfectly manicured. These are courses that groundskeepers take obvious pride in. Green fees allow you access to play on these emerald links, but there are mistakes players make that make a golf course superintendent cringe.

Here are four:

1. Driving a cart off of the path. This is especially heinous when the turf is soft after some heavy rains. Ditches and tire marks are aesthetically unappealing and can make play difficult for other players.
2. Not replacing divots. Replacing a divot drastically reduces the amount of time that the turf is repaired. Take the few extra seconds to retrieve and replace any divot damage you cause to the golf grass. Your golf course superintendent will appreciate it.
3. Leaving ball marks on the green. Imagine what most greens would look like if players didn’t repair ball marks on the green? This is particularly a problem in damp conditions. Promotional ball marker repair tools can be found almost anywhere. Carry one and please use it.
4. Golfers who drag their spiked golf shoes on greens. Every golfer who plays a round of golf ends up at the same place…at the hole on the green. Perhaps unintentionally, some golfers fail to pick up their feet when gliding across the smooth surface. You can imagine the damage done when metal spikes are involved. Walk carefully on these greens.

Remembering these 4 (fore!) things can keep your favorite course looking, and playing at its best.

If you know a golf course superintendent who could use a free consultation on the golf grass at his course, send him our way here.