Golf Grass - What grass is best for your golf course?

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, August 02, 2012

golf grassMiniVerde is the ultimate golf grass for your golf course.

Providing the ultimate playing field for your golfers is the number one priority of grounds keepers and golf superintendents at golf courses around the world.

MiniVerde is easier to maintain than most varieties, and because of its deep root system, it is quick to recover from the wear and tear golf grass is subjected to on a daily basis. Golfers prefer playing on a well maintained course, not only for the appearance, but because the quality of the turf contributes to their ultimate performance.

Because of its deep root system the wear tolerance is excellent. MiniVerde has good tolerance to cold weather as well as the ability to handle drought conditions.

The experts at Modern Turf have had huge success with the no-till process on many golf courses. They will be happy to visit your course to determine if the no-till process will work for you. No-till MiniVerde requires less down-time for your course and can save you money. Provide your golfers with the ultimate golf experience by installing MiniVerde at your golf course today.

To learn more about MiniVerde and other types of golf grass, contact the turf experts at Modern Turf.