Golf Grass - Consider MiniVerde for your golf course greens

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, May 21, 2012

The perfect golf grass for your course.

MiniVerde ultradwarf bermudagrass is quickly becoming the go to turf for golf courses owners and superintendents. It was ranked the #1 Bermuda grass for putting greens by the National Turf Evaluation Program. MiniVerde offers a playing field that is a cut above the others.

MiniVerde Untradwarf has a deep green color that is very appealing to the eye. The MiniVerde is very versatile and can be mowed lower than 1/8 inch. Maintenance is easier and because of the deeper root system, the MiniVerde stands up better to high traffic.

MiniVerde is available in sprigs or sod. Sod is a quicker solution to your turf needs but is more expensive than sprigs. The MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermuda grass offers:

•    Less grain than other ultradwarf Bermudas.
•    Less thatch.
•    Lower maintenance.
•    Deep roots.
•    Ultra-fine leaf blade.
•    Deep green color.
•    Superior disease resistance.
•    Quicker recovery from injury.
•    Ability to spread quickly.

MiniVerde turf for golf courses provides a better green that golfers prefer. Golf course superintendents find the maintenance easier and the course is much more eye pleasing than other turf grasses.

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