Grass Knowledge: The Best Options for Your Golf Putting Green

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grass considerations for your home putting green

Grass Knowledge: The Best Options for Your Golf Putting Green

Installing a home putting green in your backyard is not such a far-fetched idea anymore. The key element to consider is the grass. Not every type of grass contributes positive results to your putting score. In fact, different types of grass cause different types of outcomes to the game of golf. That’s why the course superintendent is so fussy about what happens on the green.

The first lesson to keep in mind is that not every type of grass is good for putting. So what are some of the best grasses for a golf putting green? One of the most popular types of grass to use is Mini Verde Ultradwarf. Because different types of grass are used for putting greens at different courses, you should try to mimic the putting green at the course where you play most often.

Seasonal variations, weather, and climate also play a role in determining what kinds of grass will grow where you live. If you play on multiple courses, then consider multiple putting greens, especially if the putting greens at the clubs are not the same. Installing a putting green at home can dramatically improve your game.

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