Grass Sod Could Be the Perfect Upgrade for Your Lawn

BJ Haunert - Monday, April 30, 2012

Grass Sod Could Be the Perfect Upgrade for Your Lawn

upgrade to sodEveryone dreams of having a backyard oasis to spend long summer days with your family and friends. Unfortunately, the continuing struggle with damaged grass caused by disease, insects and lawnmower abuse can sometimes discourage you from achieving that dream.

You may be among the millions of Americans who have thrown their hands up in the air in defeat and have accepted the label of ‘ugliest lawn in the neighborhood’. This spring, put those hands down and consider installing grass sod. Within just a couple of weeks after installation you will be able to join your friends and family in those backyard activities instead of worrying about fixing your unsightly lawn problems.

So don’t let another summer go by shamefully carrying that label. Within a matter of weeks your yard can become the envy of the neighborhood and one that you will be proud of. If you are considering sod be sure to check out the Empire brand. This sod is very hardy and tough and can stand up to heavy traffic.

To learn more about Empire sod contact the expert sod growers at Modern Turf.