Grass Sod Installation - Even New Grass Can Get Stressed

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, April 16, 2012

Grass sod installation and maintenance done properly will ensure a healthy lawn

Modern TurfSpringtime is here and it is time to get your lawn in shape. If you are considering installing new sod this season here are a couple suggestions to ensure your new sod will grow lush and healthy.

  • Soil preparation: Preparing the soil correctly is the most important step you can take to ensure the sod flourishes. Just like in building a home, you need a solid foundation. Make sure you clear away any debris in the soil. Remove rocks and sticks. Grade the soil so it is slightly sloping away from structures. Apply herbicide and after a couple of days till the soil. Apply fertilizer and water to the soil. Wait about ten days and then reapply the herbicide. Have your soil tested and apply the appropriate top soil. Fertilize the soil with ‘starter fertilizer’ and work it in. Roll the soil with a lawn roller. When the soil is level you can begin to lay your sod.

  • Maintenance: Water the new sod twice a day for the first couple of weeks. Then water less frequently and for longer periods of time. Water in the early morning hours. The sod should be ready for mowing after three weeks. To avoid stressing the sod, set your mower to two and a half inches and never mow when it is wet. You should fertilize the sod every six to eight weeks while it is growing. Stay off of the new sod as much as possible.

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