Home Lawns – A Winter Lawn Care Checklist

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, December 03, 2012

winter field

Home Lawns: Caring for warm-season lawns during winter time

Caring for home lawns all year long will help ensure a healthy lawn. Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring their lawns during the winter months, only to end up paying for it during the spring. By taking a little time each month to care for your lawn, you will avoid playing catch-up during the spring. By planning each winter month’s yard maintenance task now, in December, you’ll avoid finding the whole winter flew past without you remembering what to do when.

During the month of January, take advantage of a dry day and mow the lawn. This will help clear away fallen leaves, and manicure the lawn. Remove any yard debris, and check the lawn for weeds, manually removing any weeds you find.

When February arrives, it’s a good time to again check for weeds, pull them out, or apply a post-emergent herbicide. Prune any damaged tree limbs and clear away yard debris. Rake up and remove any fallen leaves.

March is the beginning of growth season for your warm-season lawn. Have your soil tested, and apply liming if necessary.

Maintaining your warm-season turf during the winter months will give you a healthy, green, lush, and problem-free lawn during the spring.

For more information about caring for your warm-season turf during winter, contact the turf experts at Modern Turf.