Home Lawns: How-Tos for First-Time Homeowners

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creating and maintaining beautiful home lawns is not as difficult as it might seem.

home lawns: how-tos for the first-time homeowners

When it comes to creating a beautiful home lawn, you want only the best, especially if you are a first time home owner. You want a yard that makes a statement. One that is bright, elegant, and well maintained.

But how do you do that, you ask?

Simply follow a few simple steps to help your home lawn look its best. Start with a few suggestions on how to rid your lawn of the pesky weeds that think they own the place.

1. Squash the weeds before they start. You do this by treating the broad leafed weeds that like to spread much the same way wildfires do. Once they get going, it is hard to stop them. So, kill the ones already growing with weed killer early in the morning, preferably when the ground is still dewy. The moisture on the leaves will help the granular killer stick to the leaves, where it can actually do its job.

2. Prevent more weeds from growing. You can do this by using various herbicides meant to prevent weeds from popping up. The weed prevention products also help keep crab grass from spoiling your lawn. Remember to apply the weed prevention product to your lawn as early in the season as possible. The reason you want to do this is that it is only a preventative method and is not effective against weeds that have already happily taken up residence within your lawn.

If you have questions regarding sod, contact a turf professional. Modern Turf is here to answer your inquiries.