How a Backyard Putting Green Can Make You the Most Popular Guy on the Block

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, January 27, 2014

A backyard putting green is sure to be the envy of every golfer in a 3-mile radius.

How a Backyard Putting Green Can Make You the Most Popular Guy

Golf is an important pastime to many people – whether it’s time to play with friends, unwind, exercise, or all three, it’s an extremely popular way to pass the time. But it also requires a flexible schedule.

We may not always have enough time to drive to the range or meet up for a group set. That’s why backyard putting greens can be so enticing to many avid golfers.

These artificial turf installations can be a great solution for short-range practice, precision shots, and more. If you aren’t always up for a full 18-hole set, the backyard putting green can help you stay sharp on days you don’t make it to the courses.

And of course, backyard putting greens are a relatively inexpensive installation that can transform an unused portion of your backyard or patio into something useful, and yes, even enviable.

These custom-built installations are the highest quality, and add no extra work to your regular regimen of lawn maintenance. Simply sweep or hose them off, and your home putting green will be easy on the eyes and your game. A backyard putting green is a great way to work on your shot and spend time with friends or family.

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