How a No-Till Process Can Make for a Happy Golf Putting Green

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 24, 2014

This method of reconstruction for your golf putting green could yield healthier grass than any other.

How a No-Till Process Can Make for a Happy Golf Putting GreenNo-till maintenance has often been debated in the lawn care industry. This method is championed by many experts because it is a minimally invasive way to replace old grass with new growth. If your current putting green grass has been damaged and can’t be repaired, the no-till process could be your best option.

Reconstructing a golf course takes time away from players and can seriously disrupt the structure of any course. No-till planting can eliminate this inconvenience and lower costs for maintenance crews. It’s a cost-effective method that saves time and doesn’t interrupt regular play action at the golf course.

Particularly with golf course landscapes, maintenance methods are constantly evolving. Research developments indicate that no-till methods could be the best option for successful golf putting greens that need to be updated. The basic outline of this process involves eliminating sick or dead grass, aerating the soil for new growth, and then installing the new grass. Some golf courses may choose to fumigate the selected areas to combat threatening bacteria or eliminate the chance of old grass contaminating new grass.

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