How Soon Should Newly Sodded Turfgrass be Fertilized?

BJ Haunert - Thursday, June 16, 2016

Turf Fertilization

Turf grasses allow property owners to have the full, lush yard that every homebuyer dreams of. Utilizing sod offers many benefits over seeding, most importantly reduced time from project beginning to enjoying a beautiful, established yard. While it is important to add starter fertilizer and lime to topsoil prior to laying sod, prioritizing proper fertilizer application after installation will ensure your investment takes root.

Simple testing kits are available in most home improvement stores that will help a homeowner calculate the proper amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to utilize on new sod, these natural occurring chemicals help grasses establish deep roots and improve resistance to common diseases. However, the most common element that requires supplementation for healthy turf grass, nitrogen, cannot be accurately measured via testing kits.

To prevent fertilizer burns, it is generally recommended that an application of nitrogen based fertilizer be applied 30 days following sod installation and again 30-60 days later. Purchasing a reliable brand with an established reputation can also reduce unexpected results. Always ensure that the fertilizer is evenly applied and watered thoroughly into the soil. Follow the specific directions on the packaging for best results.

If you are installing sod in the winter months, it may be wise to refrain from fertilizer application until early spring to encourage healthy and timely growth as the weather warms. One pound of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet is adequate for most soil types. During the summer months healthy soils may require even less. Remember, additional fertilizer can always be added, but once distributed it is impossible to remove.

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