How to Get Field Turf Even Your Roughest Players Can't Destroy

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, May 06, 2013

Durable sport field turf without turning to rubber

how to get field turf even your roughest players can't destroy

If you're trying to figure how to get field turf that your roughest players can't destroy, there are a few options but only one good choice. On the one hand, fending off a player meets turf disaster on your field could involve considering the use of an artificial field. While it will withstand hour after hour of steel cleats churning through, it isn't turf.

With most artificial fields today made from recycled tire, the rubber and plastic nature of the turf will be apparent. Not to mention, your players are going to get lots of small bits of tire on their hands and face while chasing the game ball, which gets old after a while.

Alternatively, a natural turf field can be had with quality, strong field grass produced by Modern Turf. Designed to take a beating but keep growing under the strongest sport demands, Modern Turf’s field turf varieties provide the best of both worlds.

Sport teams can still enjoy their game on natural grass, which does feel fundamentally different, and your field won't turn into a mud pit when the game is over. Further, good turf for sports needs to hold up as the seasons change. Fields that tend to soak up water like a sponge in the winter also tend to dry out quickly and become hardpan in the summer. A good sports field turf will maintain a consistency throughout the seasons, warm and cold, as long as the turf is maintained with the right watering system and schedule.

If you’re looking for durable, real sports field turf, contact the experts at Modern Turf for a free consultation specific to your facility.