How to Help Your Field Turf Recover After Football Season

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, January 21, 2013


Field turf takes a beating - how to repair damaged turf.

As the end of football season nears, it’s time to take a look at how damaged your field turf is, and determine the best way to help it recover.

The constant wear and tear from excessive traffic, cleats, and harsh weather can leave your turf damaged beyond repair. In such cases, you’ll need to replace the turf that isn't salvageable.

To replace damaged turf: Completely remove the damaged turf, and any debris. If the ground isn't frozen, you can re-sod. You’ll need to level the soil, add a little if necessary and throw some fertilizer in. Cut the replacement sod to fit up against the other sod. You can use a roller to make sure the sod has good contact to the soil if it’s a small area a tamper will work also. Keep the new sod watered until it becomes established.

When Spring arrives, your field turf will be ready for Spring maintenance care, and you’ll on your way to beautiful turf.

Whether your entire field needs to be replaced, or only heavy traffic areas, contact the turf specialists at Modern Turf for more tips to help your field turf recover, or to purchase quality turf for your stadium.