How to Improve Your Putting Without Living at the Country Club

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, May 20, 2013

Install a putting green in your own home to improve your golf swing. No, really, you can do it!

how to improve your putting without living at the country club

Have you been dreaming about improving your putting without feeling like you live at the country club? Well, there is an easy solution to that.

You can actually build a putting green right in your very own backyard. All it takes is a little bit of patience, the right tools, and some expert advice. The process is relatively easy and even cost effective.

Simply take these things into account and you too can be planning and then installing your own practice green:

What needs improving? By understanding which put you need to practice the most, you can better design your own green to allow you to practice this particular putt as needed. Customize your putting green to provide as much or as little practice for specific swings as needed.

Consider location. Although you want to design a green that will provide you with the practice you need most, you also want to also take into account the other landscaping in the area. For instance, areas that are low lying might be prone to flooding and you obviously would rather have your putting green in an area with ample drainage.

What kind of turf do you want to have installed? You can choose from various synthetic turfs or use sod to create your home putting green. You want to choose the type of turf that can meet your practice needs.

Modern Turf can easily and expertly assist you with choosing the best grass for your green, especially since their team is composed of former golf professionals. In fact, we can help you take all of these points into consideration as you plan.

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