How to Keep Your Home Lawn Healthy During the Winter Months

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, November 03, 2014

Do you have a recurring nightmare that your home lawn looks like a scene from Frozen?

Keep Lawn Healthy During Winter

Icy wonderlands can be very charming in the right context, but not when they take up residence on your front lawn. Letting your grass get destroyed during the cold weather months is a depressing prospect for most homeowners.

Start Early in the Season

Give yourself enough time to take preventative measures. Starting winter prep in the fall means your lawn will be ready for the harsh conditions of winter weather. Make sure you give the grass plenty of water and some extra nutrients in order to fortify the soil. Plants need extra reserves to draw from in the frigid temperatures, so starting helping them stock up now for the winter and give them their best chance to make it through the cold.

Dormant, Not Dead

Many people become discouraged when they see their lawns looking so dreary in the wintertime. But it’s what’s happening under the surface that really counts. Even healthy lawns might appear to look a little sickly in the cold weather – as plants go through a process of dormancy in which they conserve their energy stores; it’s similar to mammals that go into hibernation.

Root of the Problem

Essentially, taking care of the root system is the best thing you can do for your lawn. You can counteract the effects of dormancy with fertilizer if you want, but this just acts to maintain the aesthetic of a green lawn. As long as its roots are well maintained, your lawn will come back vibrant, lush, and stronger than ever in the spring.

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