How to Prepare Golf Grass for the Winter Months

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 25, 2012

prepare golf grass for the winter months

4 Tips to prepare you golf grass for wintertime.

Summer golfing season has ended, and it’s time to start preparing your golf grass for the coming winter months. Chances are your golf grass took a beating over the summer, drought, insects, weeds, disease, as well as the abuse from golfers may have left your grass struggling to recover.

Here are four tips to help your grass recover while preparing it for the winter months ahead.

1. Fertilize:
Fertilize the grass in the fall to aid in its recovery. If the grass is greatly damaged, you can apply fertilizer in the early fall and again in the late fall before the first frost.

2. Remove thatch: Grass with a large amount of thatch is prone to injury from winter weather. You should de-thatch the grass in the fall, in some cases, you may need to core aerate the grass.

3. Remove leaves and tree branches: Fallen leaves in the fall that are left on grasses can cause damage to the grass.

4. Replace damaged sod: Early fall is a good time to replace damaged sod. Remove the damaged sod using a shovel or sod-cutter. Discard the damaged sod. Check the soil for proper pH levels, add fertilizer to the soil, and lay the new sod. Water the new sod daily until it is established.