How to Protect Your Landscaping Client's Turf Lawn From Fungus

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, April 25, 2013

A turf lawn is one of the best ways to start any yard strong and healthy - but it still needs protection.

how to protect your landscaping client's turf lawn from fungus

You want to provide your landscaping clients with the strongest turf lawn possible. Fungus and lawn disease can quickly take over and destroy the most beautiful lawns. Turf made up of only one type of grass is more susceptible to damage. Fungus destroys turf by invading blades of grass and feeding off the needed nutrients.

Multi-benefit products
Look for fungus control products that work to both cure and prevent numerous types of disease. A true control treatment will work on Brown Patch, Red Thread, Rust, Dollar Spot and more.

Application of fungus control
Products that protect against lawn disease are applied in granular or liquid form. One-step options provide nutrients as well as protection against fungus. Look for products that offer continual protection for one month or longer for the best results. Spray applications can also be used to protect flowers and shrubs for total care. Granule use should be avoided around ornamentals.

When to apply
Always use a treatment at the first sign of disease. If lawns show no signs of problems, the first application can be performed according to your area conditions. Applications for general protection are normally done monthly. For controlling and treating diseased areas, applications may be required every two weeks.

No matter what product you choose for a turf lawn, follow the label directions carefully. Applying the right amount of liquid or granules will provide the best results. Bermudagrass decline and Summer Patch tend to require heavier application. Our experts can help you identify and treat any lawn fungus problems.

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