How to Remove Sod Lawn for Resodding

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 04, 2012

remove sod lawn for resodding

3 Steps to remove your sod lawn.

If you’re considering resodding your lawn, take the time to prepare the soil. By properly preparing for installation of a new sod lawn, you give your new sod the foundation it needs to grow strong and thrive.

Here are three steps to preparing your lawn for its new sod.

1. Clear the area of debris: Remove any debris that can prevent your new sod lawn from establishing.

2. Remove old sod: Remove the old sod from your lawn. If your lawn is small, you can use shovels to remove the old sod. If it is large, you may want to consider renting a sod-cutter and rototiller. Before digging in your yard with large equipment, locate any underground utility lines. Don’t take the easy way out and just till the old sod into the soil, remove it for best results.

3. Prepare the soil: Have your soil tested, and add the nutrients necessary to create the best growing environment for your sod. Grade the soil slightly away from structures and ensure proper drainage.

Once you’ve created the optimal foundation for your new sod to flourish, order your new sod lawn today from the turf experts at Modern Turf.