How to Use a Broadcast Spreader for Lawn Fertilization

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, April 04, 2013

Use the right spreader the right way, and lawn fertilization will be a snap this year.

how to use a broadcast spreader for lawn fertilization

No one ever said that tending a lawn was easy, but with a bit of information to get you started, you can use a broadcast spreader to shorten the amount of time it takes to spread fertilizer. Your neighbors will be jealous when they see how quickly you can lay down a precise and uniform layer. Hopefully the spreader that you bought or borrowed has a setting to adjust the spread rate that will allow you to accurately apply the product to each side as well as the center with the volume set according to your lawn size.

Setting a Broadcast Spreader for Lawn Fertilization

The central portion of your broadcast spreader is the hopper with holes in the bottom. A gauge on the handlebar regulates the size of those holes. Set this by referring to the recommended settings listed on the fertilizer package. Next to the gauge is a flow lever that gives you control when dropping the fertilizer onto the lawn by opening and closing the plate located under the hopper holes. To begin lawn fertilization evenly and in the correct measure:

1. Set the spread rate gauge according to the manufacturer's recommendation.
2. Test the dispersal pattern on your driveway.
3. Begin application to the lawn by spreading over hills first.
4. Keep your walking speed consistent.

A quick rinse with a hose when you're finished and your broadcaster will be ready to use next time. Have questions about lawn fertilization or other lawn maintenance best practices?


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