How to use Sod Grass to Repair Low Spots in Lawns

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, October 18, 2012

use sod grass to repair low spots in lawn

Level out your sod grass to avoid injury.

Creating a level lawn using sod grass provides your family with a safe outdoor environment. Uneven lawns and low spots can cause injury and an unsightly appearance.

To fill in low spots in your lawn, follow these suggestions.

• Mark the low areas in your lawn: Walk around your yard and use a stake, or spray paint to mark the low areas in your lawn.

• Remove the existing sod: Use a shovel and carefully remove the existing sod. If the sod is healthy, you should be able to reuse it. Remove the sod in sections, dig down at least 6 inches deep to get enough soil and root mass.

• Add fill material: Add quality soil in layers, add in some fertilizer, and slightly tamp down after each layer.

• Lay your sod: If you are reusing the sod you removed, relay the original pieces. If you are using new sod, cut the pieces to fit and lay the sod. Make sure the sod fits up against the existing sod.

• Roll the new sod: Use a roller to roll over the new sod to ensure contact with the soil.

• Water: Water the new sod every day to keep it moist until it is established.

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