Installing Landscape Sod in the Fall

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 01, 2012

installing landscape sod

3 Tips for installing landscape sod in the fall

Installing landscape sod correctly gives it the foundation it requires to become established. Whether you are laying new sod in the summer, or the fall, doing it right will give your sod the opportunity to thrive.

Here are three tips for installing landscape sod in the fall:

1. Install new sod before the first frost: Plant new sod before the soil becomes frozen. Once the ground is frozen, roots will have trouble establishing.

2. Prepare the soil correctly: Have the soil tested for pH levels and nutrients. Make any corrections that are necessary. Remove any large roots and debris. Till the soil, and rake it level sloping slightly away from structures. Apply starter fertilizer and final grade the soil.

3. Watering:
Water the sod after it has been planted. Make sure you get a nice, deep soaking. Continue watering the new sod regularly until it has become established, about two weeks. Even though it’s fall, there still may be consecutive days of hot, dry weather so you’ll need to water your new lawn if this happens.

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