It’s Football Season - Is Your Football Turf Ready?

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 08, 2012

football turf

Prepare your football turf for a successful season.

Are you ready for some football? Football season has begun, is your football turf ready for the wear and tear of another long football season? Damaged turf can cause injury to players, coaches and officials. F

all is the perfect time to prepare your football turf for the season ahead. It’s possible your turf grass is still recovering from the harsh elements of the summer. Most of the country suffered from horrible drought conditions this summer that left grasses severely damaged.

To help your sports turf recover, and prepare it for another football season, follow these suggestions.

• Fertilize the grass: Fertilize the football grass early in the fall. This will help the grass get the important nutrients it needs to recover.

• Remove excessive thatch: Fall is an ideal time to remove excessive thatch.

• Continue mowing: Continue mowing the turf until it stops growing.

• Continue watering: You don’t need to water as often as you did during the hot summer months, but you need to continue watering the turf when it is needed.

• Replace damaged turf: Replace damaged turf that has no chance of recovering.

Let the football turf professionals at Modern Turf help ensure your turf is ready for another football season.

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