Knowing These 3 Secrets Will Make All the Difference in Your Sports Turf

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, March 30, 2015

Sports turf not up to snuff? Get a different perspective on how to level the playing field.

Sports Turf

Sports turf needs to be consistent to achieve optimum performance, safety, and player satisfaction. As it turns out, keeping your sports turf updated requires constant improvement and attention to detail.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The more resources and time that you invest in your sports turf, the greater the reward will be. Organizing a realistic and appropriate maintenance schedule that includes everything from watering to mowing to aeration will help in this regard. Designing a maintenance plan will give you a head start toward improving the quality of your sports turf.

Of course, determining your maintenance schedule can be tricky at times, because most aeration techniques disrupt play. With the air2g2, that’s not the case. It doesn’t disrupt the surface, and the field is playable immediately after use. And by including quality aeration in your maintenance schedule, your green will be healthier overall, sporting a firmer surface, healthy roots, and a reduction of disease.

Pest Control

What is one of the biggest threats to sports turf? Pests! If you don’t take the proper precautions, you are putting your turf at risk for damages that will take significant commitments of both time and money to counteract. Taking preventative action is a great way to protect and improve the quality of your sports turf.

Fertilize Regularly

Watering, mowing, and aeration can only go so far. Soil and turf are healthiest when you infuse them with the proper nutrients. Aeration helps the fertilizer do its job by improving soil porosity, so doing one without the other likely won’t deliver the results that most people want. Fertilizers can revitalize the health of your soil and turf and deliver impressive, beautiful sports turf.

For more information about sports turf maintenance, aeration with the air2g2, or to sign up for a maintenance schedule, contact us.