Landscape Like the Pros: 4 Benefits of Buying Grass from Sod Farms

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, May 27, 2013

Whether you are patching your current yard or thinking about getting a whole new yard, you may want to consider buying grass from one of the region’s sod farms.

landscape like the pros: 4 benefits of buying grass from sod farms

Getting your yard to look like the pros did it can be costly and my take up a lot of your time if you do attempt to do it yourself, which is why buying grass from sod farms is an especially attractive option.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons as to why you would want to purchase sod from sod farms instead of buying do-it-yourself grass seed.

Convenience. There is an ease that comes with purchasing sod from sod farms. You don’t have to go and purchase all of the items that you will need to grow a nice looking, weed free yard from seed. All you need to do is choose what type of sod is best for your area and yard with the help of knowledgeable associates.

No weeds. All of the grass that is grown on sod farms is free of weeds. This means that you will not need any weed killer and your yard will look great from the start. You’ll use fewer chemicals and your yard will indeed be “green”.

Use of your yard sooner. With grass seed, your yard will take quite a while before you can enjoy it. With sod, just give it a week or two and you will be able to play yard games and enjoy the great beauty of your vibrant green, weed free yard.

Lower water bill. This may sound funny in the beginning, but starting a yard from grass seed takes a LOT of water. More water, higher water bills. With sod, the roots have already formed and they require less water. Water is still necessary, just not as much.

At Modern Turf, we pride ourselves in the quality of sod that we grow. If you have any questions, contact us here.