Landscaping Sod - Soil Preparation Is The Foundation Of Success

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, September 03, 2012

foundation of success

Nutrient rich soil is vital to the success of laying landscaping sod.

To achieve success with landscaping sod, it is vital to start with a solid foundation. Soil preparation is the most important part of laying sod. If you don’t take the time to do it right, your sod will have a difficult time establishing and growing healthy and strong.

To create a solid foundation, follow these steps:

1. Remove debris: Clear the area of debris such as weeds, tree roots and rocks. Add the appropriate top. You want the top 6 inches of your soil to be rich in nutrients to encourage deep root growth.

2. Test the soil: Healthy soil that is full of nutrients is necessary because the grass gets everything that it needs to grow from it. Take your soil to be tested. The pH level should be at least 6. If the alkaline is higher than 7.5, you will need to apply gypsum or sulfur.

3. Grade the area: Level out the top soil and apply a starter fertilizer. Check with sod experts to see what type of fertilizer you should use. Final grade the area making sure to slope away from your structures.

4. Lay the sod: Once your soil is prepared, you can begin to lay the sod.

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