Lawn Fertilizing - How often should you fertilize?

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, July 23, 2012

lawn fertilizing

Lawn fertilizing all year long will keep your lawn hearty and green.

Lawns require nutrients in order to be able to grow strong and healthy. Fertilizing your lawn will help ensure a stronger and deeper root system and keep it green and lush all season long.

Before starting any fertilizing treatment to your lawn you should contact an expert to find the right fertilizer for your particular lawn and environment. Make sure that you read and understand the directions before you begin fertilizing.

For best results you should fertilize your lawn four times during the year. Begin in the early spring usually before April to help give your lawn a head start. Fertilize again in late spring before June, this is when the lawn is really starting to grow. Apply another round of fertilizer during the summer to help sustain its health and active growth. You should fertilize again in the fall before the winter months arrive.

Use a rotary spreader to ensure that the fertilizer spreads evenly. Remember to water your lawn after fertilization and keep small children and pets off of the lawn immediately after fertilizing.

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