Lawn Fertilizing in the Fall

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 22, 2012

lawn fertilizing in the fall

Lawn fertilizing in the fall ensures a healthy, green lawn in the spring.

Early in the fall, lawn grass is recovering from the hot summer days of August and is in need of nutrients to prepare for the arrival of winter. By taking steps to prepare your lawn using lawn fertilizing, you can rest easy knowing you will have a healthy lawn come springtime.

Lawn fertilizing in the fall gives your lawn the nutrients it will need for the winter months when it goes dormant. Grass roots continue to take in nutrients until the soil becomes too cold. Fall fertilization allows roots to continue to grow deep and strong so when spring arrives, your lawn will thrive.

Speak to an expert about what type of fertilizer is best for your particular lawn. Apply the fertilizer in the early fall by following the manufacturer’s directions. Use a rotary spreader to ensure the fertilizer is spread evenly.

By fertilizing your lawn in the fall, you will be rewarded with a green, lush, thicker, and healthy lawn in the spring.

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