Lawn Maintenance Tips

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, August 23, 2012

maintenance tips

Lawn maintenance tips – How to help your lawn survive drought season

Droughts are becoming more and more common, even in areas where drought conditions used to be rare. To help your lawn survive the harshest droughts we’ve experienced in decades, here are four tips:

• Reduce the thatch: Reduce the amount of thatch in your lawn by using a steel rake. If there is too much thatch, it can prevent the nutrients and water from getting down to the roots.

• Water deeply: Decrease the frequency of your watering. When you do water, soak the ground for longer periods of time. Allow the grass to dry out between watering. Deep soaking helps to promote deep root growth that will help your grass survive drought.

• Water early morning: The best time to water your lawn is very early morning before the sun and the winds pick up. The sun begins to evaporate the water before it has the opportunity to soak into the soil, and the wind blows much of the moisture away.

• Mow frequently: Mow your lawn frequently, but not too short. Use a sharp blade to avoid damaging the grass.

Leave the clippings to provide natural nutrients for the lawn as well as protection from the sun. Avoid leaving large clumps of clippings. Visit the turf experts at Modern Turf for more information about lawn turf.