Lawn Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Winter

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, November 12, 2012

snow covered grass

7 Lawn maintenance tips for winterizing your lawn

When fall arrives, there are many tasks homeowners need to do to winterize their homes, gardens and landscaping. Preparing your lawn for the colder weather is an important part of winterizing your home.

Here are seven lawn maintenance tips to help prepare your lawn for winter:

1. Final mowing: When the grass stops growing, mow the lawn one final time and rake up the clippings.
2. Dethatch: Using a heavy metal rake, rake the lawn to remove excessive thatch.
3. Reseed: If you have bare spots in your lawn, reseed or resod the areas. Roots grow well during the fall months. Bare spots in your lawn encourage weed growth.
4. Apply fertilizer: For cool-season grass, apply a winterizing fertilizer that is high in Potassium. Fertilize before the first frost. Apply regular fertilizer to warm-season grass.
5. Water: If periods of drought continue during the fall, water the lawn.
6. Rake: Rake up all fallen leaves and debris. Leaving leaves on your lawn can cause damage to the grass.
7. Weed control: The fall is a great time to attack weeds. During the fall, they are absorbing nutrients from the soil to prepare for the winter, applying a pre-emergent will kill them off.

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