Lawn Service: How to Replace Your Grass and Never Touch a Tiller

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, May 02, 2013

Here’s one project you should leave to a professional lawn service.

lawn service: how to replace your grass and never touch a tiller

Improving your yard is quite a bit of work and can be expensive, but when you use a professional lawn service, you can have a great looking lawn without even breaking a sweat. Replacing your grass may be the best option if you've inherited a lawn that went neglected for years, or if yours fell victim to a fungus or other blight last year.

While you might consider doing a lawn makeover on your own, trusting a professional lawn service to handle the project gives you two major benefits:

1. A lawn service won’t set you up to fail. They will help you by planting the proper grass for your area. You may think big box stores will only sell grass that will thrive in your area, but you need to realize they sell what is shipped to them. By trusting a professional and local lawn service, you end up getting a variety of grass meant for your area.
2. You will end up saving money by hiring a professional lawn service. You may not have thought about this before, but by hiring a service to replace your grass, you will get the lawn you’re hoping for at a fraction of the cost you’d incur by doing it yourself. Once you take into account the value of your own time, the likelihood you will need to make multiple trips to the store for forgotten equipment and supplies, and the fact that if you’ve never undertaken a project like this, you may make costly errors, hiring a service is the far more economical choice.

Getting the best looking lawn in the neighborhood is easier than you think. However, you need to make sure if you’re planning on replacing your grass that you make a wise choice in the lawn service you hire, and especially make sure you choose the right variety of grass for your location.

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