Lawn Services - How to deal with lawn pests

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, August 16, 2012

lawn pests

Lawn Services – Identify insects that can damage your lawn.

It’s common for insects to be found in your grass, but when they get out of control you may be facing extensive damage to your lawn.

Here is a list of 5 common insects that can damage your lawn.

• Ants: While ants may not do direct damage to your grass, the tunnels they dig can create problems.

• Armyworms: Armyworms eat the grass blades and are a big problem for homeowners.

• Billbugs: These beetles burrow and eat your grass blades and can cause great damage to your lawn.

• Grubs: Grubs live below the soil and feed on the root of the grass plant, eventually destroying the grass. It is sometime hard to detect the damage until it is too late.

• Mites: Mites suck sap from the blades of your grass, which can kill the plant.

The best way to avoid lawn infestation is to keep your lawn and garden healthy by performing routine care. If your lawn or garden is being damaged by pesky insects, you should first consult an expert on how to deal with your particular infestation in the safest way possible. There are many organic remedies as well as chemical treatments available to control pests.

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