Lawn Treatment - How to fertilize your lawn

Hank Kerfoot - Thursday, August 09, 2012

lawn treatmentRegular lawn treatment will help keep your lawn lush and healthy.

It’s no secret lawn treatment is necessary to provide your lawn with the right nutrients it needs to grow healthy and green. Routine fertilizing helps to provide the sufficient nutrients necessary for your lawn to thrive.

Fertilizing encourages growth, and as the root system spreads it will crowd out the growth of weeds, leaving your lawn looking great. There are also weed and feed fertilizers that work simultaneously nourishing your lawn while killing weeds. Here, are some great tips to guide you through fertilizing your lawn.

• Consult an expert: Before purchasing fertilizer, you should consult with an expert as to the right fertilizer for your particular lawn and situation. Once your fertilizer is purchased, read the entire label and follow the manufacturer’s directions.

• Fertilize 4 times a year: For best results, you should fertilize your lawn in the early spring, early summer, midsummer, and again in the late fall.

• Use the right equipment: You should use a rotary spreader to ensure the fertilizer spreads evenly throughout your lawn and to help avoid over-fertilizing.

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