Lawncare – Preparing your lawn and landscape in the fall

Hank Kerfoot - Monday, October 15, 2012

preparing lawn and landscape in the fall

Autumn lawncare creates optimal growing conditions in the spring.

With fall right around the corner, the time to prepare your lawn and landscaping for the cold winter months is now. Lawncare doesn’t end when the pool parties and BBQ’s do. It should be continued all year long to ensure a healthy lawn and landscape.

Lawns should be fertilized four times during the year, and early fall is one of those times. Your lawn is recovering from those long hot summer days of August, maybe even drought it needs the vital nutrients fertilizing provides. Fertilizing in the fall allows your lawn and plant’s roots to strengthen, so when spring arrives, your lawn will thrive.

In the fall, weeds prepare for the cold winter months by pulling the nutrients from leaves to their roots. When they do this, they are also drawing herbicides to their roots. The herbicides kill off the weeds.

Fall is the perfect time to remove thatch that has built up. Use a hard rake to remove excess thatch. In some cases, it may be necessary to core aerate your lawn.

Don’t forget about watering your lawn if the weather is still warm during the fall. You won’t have to water as frequently, but should water during dry spells.

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